Aerolite – glue, baggage or meteorite?

Meteorite of course! But the word has been borrowed by glue manufacturers, insulation manufacturers, a steam train, trailer makers, golf companies, luggage makers and a whole host more!

The astronomical meaning of Aerolite is a stony meteorite. A stony meteorite is composed of silicate minerals and little metallic matter.

Aerolite meteorites can be categorised as chondrites or achondrites. Chondrites contain chondrules, achondrites don’t! A chondrule is a rounded grain.

Chondrites are thought to be very old objects indeed. The grains are believed to be the original matter of the Solar System. They were probably formed before the planets. They are chunks of asteroids and have inevitably been thermally altered but never melted, thus preserving their original granular appearance. It is possible that some of this class of meteorite contains material from before the solar system was formed.

An achondritic aerolite has been melted at some point in its history and contains no chondrules.

Jules Verne mentions the word aerolite in chapter 19 of his novel, From the Earth to the Moon; and, Round the Moon.

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